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eCPPT Day 1

The thing that convinced me to finally start a blog was beginning on my certification journey.

While there have been tests or programs in the past I thought about blogging about, there was nothing terribly interesting or lengthy enough to convince me to finally start one.

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Security Not Included – Hello World!

So, I figured it was about time to start a blog to track what I'm currently learning or trying to break.

The title of the blog (Security Not Included) comes from a childhood phrase that I think is quite relevant (modified of course) to the realm of Information Security. Back then, the phrase was of course 'batteries not included'. This is relevant to security as well, because users everywhere just expect their systems, applications, and information to be secure out of the box.

At the very least, I know I will learn plenty while writing this blog, but I'm hoping someone else does too.

(I'll try to keep the blog mostly first person research and learning, but I may have to slip in some videos or tutorials from time to time.)

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