Introducing Hacker’s Girlfriend!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I am going to be posting about my creative endeavors, whether it be coloring, decoupage-ing, or refinishing furniture. I'm hoping to use this blog to keep track of my projects, to share successes (and failures), and to inspire others to create!

Upcoming posts will include:

  • Coloring! Yes!
  • Decoupage creativity
  • Re-finishing furniture
    • end table
    • barstools
    • dressers
  • My cat, Athena. Because she is always in the way.

A big thanks to Hacker Boyfriend, Doyler, for setting me up with my very own blog and encouraging me to write about my projects.

Documenting my forays into crafts, projects, and other creative enterprises. May also include posts about cats, science, and the power of community.

Microbiology pays the bills, creativity inspires the soul.


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2 Responses to Introducing Hacker’s Girlfriend!

  1. Roger

    great pics of everybody including the cat . Can I tweak his ears please ?

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