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Over the past couple of years (and moves), I have begun to subscribe to the idea of "less is more." Less clutter is more free space. Less stuff is more time and money saved. I've stopped buying (for the most part), cheap, inexpensive clothing that won't hold up for more than one season. I am also an avid fan of second-hand clothing stores and thrift shops. With these ideas, I have been (very) slowly trying to remove clutter from my home/life.  These ideas inspired my latest craft project.

I used to have a giant jewelry tree that took up a significant amount of space on my dresser. While functional, it ended up being a collection of a lot of pieces that I never actually wore.

Old necklace tree

Old jewelry tree

Last weekend, I went through the jewelry on my tree. Turns out, I only wore about half of what was hanging on it. I put these pieces aside and will be donating the rest to a charity.

As I was left with about 10 necklaces and 5 bracelets, I realized I didn't need that giant tree to display them all! So I brainstormed (and briefly poked around on Pinterest) until inspiration smacked me upside the head. MAKE SOMETHING, SILLY!!

Since I LOVED the decoupage frame with buttons I made earlier this year, why don't I make a bigger one, fill it with cork board, and hang my jewelry on push pins?

So I did.

New, bigger frame with buttons!

New, bigger frame covered with an old book and buttons!

I even managed to NOT get decoupage glue everywhere (this time!). But, I did burn my finger a bit on the glue gun. C'est la vie.

And now with cork!

And now with cork!

I bought the cork sized to fit perfectly in the frame. If I make more of these, I will probably end up buying cork in bulk and cutting it to fit the individual frame size. For this frame, I hot glued the cork into place. As the cork was still a bit flimsy, I cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the cork and fitted it into the back of the frame. This provided the extra structure needed in order to successfully hang jewelry from the cork board. I found some cute push pins at Target in the dollar section.

Finished project!

Finished project!

Currently, the frame is resting on top of my dresser, but it could also be hung on the wall. All of my necklaces, and most of my bracelets, fit on the frame. This visual reminds me that in order to purchase new jewelry, I need to give up a current piece. Or make a larger jewelry holder....

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