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Earlier this spring, I was asked to help make decorations for a wedding! The lovely bride-to-be shipped me some wooden ampersands "&" and bases to "decorate as I pleased," so long as I followed the red, white, silver, and black color scheme. Decoupage, I thought! Decoupage it all!

So I did!!

Starting materials.

Starting materials.

I learned that covering curvy 3-D items with tissue paper takes a significantly longer time than covering one flat surface. It is also quite messy, as my poor table was sticky with Mod Podge for a period of time.

Working through it with my trusty side-kick.

Working through it with my trusty side-kick.

The cat was quite helpful during the process. She added her own flair (read- cat hair) to the pieces and kept the tissue paper warm for me.

Judging my mess.

Judging my mess.

This project took significantly longer than I anticipated. I am glad I started weeks before the wedding date, otherwise it would have been a scramble to finish in time!

Overall, I did 5 ampersands and 5 "bases", each with a different color or pattern of tissue paper.  I found some silver glitter spray paint at Home Depot that I spritzed over the solid colors to jazz them up a bit. Note to others who use this spray paint: IT IS VERY GLITTERY! You only need one or two quick passes over your piece to add a bit of glitter! It is very easy to over-do it with the glitter!

Finished Products!

Finished Products! And some beer....

The wedding itself was beautiful! It was a private ceremony held at a lake-side mansion out in the country. The bride looked spectacular and the groom was quite spiffy.

In action! The cakes were delicious, if you were curious.

Ampersand in action! The cakes were delicious.

Much to my delight (and horror of Doyler), I caught the bouquet!

Bouquet success!

Bouquet success!

Overall, it was a beautiful weekend celebrating a wonderful couple. I was very honored to be asked to be a part of the affair and relished every moment. I will definitely be open to crafting for other weddings, but will no longer underestimate the amount of time or prep work that goes into them!


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