Rollback Melee with Netplay (Slippi) – Twenty More Years!

I’m so excited about rollback Melee with Netplay that I couldn’t NOT write a post about it.

Rollback Melee with Netplay – Introduction

First, I know that this is yet another non-security related post. That said, I’m a few weeks behind, and this is something that is awesome to me! I promise that I have a few more relevant posts in progress.

That said, has changed the way Melee netplay will work forever, and I’m looking forward to it.

The key features of this vs. standard netplay are:

  • Rollback netcode – Enables ultra-smooth gameplay and cross-continental, low-lag connections
  • Integrated matchmaking – Built-in matchmaking for quickly finding nearby opponents
  • Replays – Automatically saves replays of all your games in bite-sized files

While I haven’t played with the replay functionality much, here is a great post explaining how rollback netcode works.


First, you can download the Dolphin + Slippi package here.

If you already had netplay setup, then the installation is super simple.

Rollback Melee - Downloaded

If not, then you will need to install the controller driver and obtain a copy of the SSBM ISO file.

Note: I personally use the Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, PC USB and Switch, 4 Port.

Gamecube USB adapter

When the installation is complete, you will see your Slippi version and Melee ISO when you open up Dolphin.

Slippi installed

Next, when you start the game, Slippi will prompt you to login and create an account.

Rollback Melee - Login

Finally, after creating an account, you will download your user JSON file which allows you to automatically connect to the servers.

User JSON download

This is what your user.json file will look like, and you could probably easily modify it to switch accounts.


Rollback Melee with Netplay – Configuration and Lag Reduction

After your installation is complete, you will want to configure lag reduction.

First, you’ll want to set your monitor refresh rate to its max setting. Unfortunately, mine cannot reach 120+ Hz, so I will experience a little more lag than others.

Monitor refresh rate

Next, I opened up my NVIDIA Control Panel to update the other settings.

Rollback Melee - NVIDIA Control Panel

I made sure to disable “Triple buffering” as well as “Vertical sync”.

Lag reduction settings

Note: to enable “Low Latency Mode”, I needed to update my GeForce drivers.

GeForce driver update

After updating my drivers, I also set “Low Latency Mode” to Ultra.

Rollback Melee - Low Latency Mode


With everything installed and configured, I opened Dolphin back up.

After you select “Unranked” mode, Melee will take you to a character select screen similar to single-player Event Mode.

Character select screen

When I selected my character, Slippi matched me up with an opponent, and the match began!

Match start - Falcon ditto

There is definitely less lag here than normal netplay, but there can still be some hiccups if your opponent has terrible internet.

That said, I was able to get a great clip in my first day of a knee to rage-quit combo.

Rollback Melee with Netplay – Conclusion

I know that the non-security related posts aren’t for everyone, but this is still something near and dear to my heart.

If you doubt my SSBM credentials, then here is a poster that I still have hanging on the wall of my office.

Rollback Melee - SmashAid VII poster

Let me know if you have any interest in playing some games in the future, and stay tuned for more security related posts!

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