The Padres’ current offensive woes

So, after reading an article on Lancaster Online, I was wondering if the Padres were really on track to be one of the worst offensive teams since 1910 (the article mentions 1914, but I decide to round it down just to check).

With their current batting average of .214, let's see how they stack up.

SELECT b.yearID,,
     SUM(b.H)/SUM(b.AB) as BA
FROM Batting b
INNER JOIN Teams t on t.teamID = b.teamID AND t.yearID = b.yearID
WHERE b.yearID > 1910
GROUP BY b.teamID, b.yearID


It looks like since the article was posted that they've slipped into the worst position, passing the '68 Yankees and '72 Rangers.

1968New York Yankees0.2141
1972Texas Rangers0.2171
1963New York Mets0.2189
1963Houston Colt .45's0.2199
1965New York Mets0.2209
1967Washington Senators0.2226
1968Washington Senators0.2237
1969San Diego Padres0.2246
1967Chicago White Sox0.2246
1972New York Mets0.2247


That being said, BA isn't the best measure of offensive efficiency, so let's see how they stack up in regards to OBP/SLG/OPS.

SELECT b.yearID,,
     SUM(b.H)/SUM(b.AB) as BA,
     SUM(b.H+b.BB+b.HBP)/SUM(b.AB+b.BB+b.HBP+b.SF) as OBP,
    SUM(b.H+b.2B+2*b.3B+3*b.HR)/SUM(b.AB) as SLG,
    (SUM(b.H+b.BB+b.HBP)/SUM(b.AB+b.BB+b.HBP+b.SF)) + (SUM(b.H+b.2B+2*b.3B+3*b.HR)/SUM(b.AB)) as OPS
FROM Batting b
INNER JOIN Teams t on t.teamID = b.teamID AND t.yearID = b.yearID
WHERE b.yearID > 1910
GROUP BY b.teamID, b.yearID


It looks like their current OPS of .612 brings them up to 25th worst at least, but still no where near an acceptable level.

1972Texas Rangers0.21710.29040.29030.5807
1963Houston Colt .45's0.21990.28320.30050.5837
1943Philadelphia Athletics0.23250.29420.29730.5915
1942Philadelphia Phillies0.23200.28930.30590.5952
1968Chicago White Sox0.22810.28430.31100.5953
1917Pittsburgh Pirates0.23800.29840.29770.5961
1968New York Mets0.22750.28130.31490.5962
1914Pittsburgh Pirates0.23270.29460.30260.5972
1964Houston Colt .45's0.22890.28480.31450.5994
1963New York Mets0.21890.28460.31520.5998
1914New York Yankees0.22920.31480.28710.6019
1965New York Mets0.22090.27680.32710.6039
1914Cincinnati Reds0.23600.30500.29970.6047
1918Brooklyn Robins0.24980.29150.31510.6065
1916Boston Braves0.23270.29940.30720.6066
1943Boston Braves0.23340.29800.30870.6067
1968Los Angeles Dodgers0.23050.28880.31920.6080
1968California Angels0.22680.29110.31780.6089
1968New York Yankees0.21410.29190.31750.6095
1913Chicago White Sox0.23620.29930.31110.6104
1918Philadelphia Athletics0.24290.30300.30790.6108
1967Chicago White Sox0.22460.29110.32050.6115
1913New York Yankees0.23710.31950.29220.6117
1915Brooklyn Robins0.24770.29450.31740.6119
1911Brooklyn Dodgers0.23680.30090.31130.6122
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