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Hello hackers,

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What we do

While we’re still working on courses (and services?), here’s a smattering of what you can find here at

Learn Penetration Testing

Want to learn penetration testing? Interested in protecting your organization or network? Or just want to know how to become an ethical hacker? If so, then you are in the right place!

Hacker Hardware Tools

If you want to watch us flail around (and maybe do some cool stuff) with neat hacker hardware tools, then definitely check out this section. You can also find lab and gear recommendations here.

Vulnerabilities and Threats

Interested in finding out the newest vulnerabilities and threats? Want to see what sort of exploits we’ve written? Or just want to see some cool hacks?

Best Hacking Software

We won’t only be covering the newest tools and techniques, but that will be a big part of this. We’ll also touch on development, but not full tutorials. Other than that, blogging and home-lab setups will be covered often!

Introduction to Security

This will be the best place for your introduction to security. From why you should use strong passwords to how phishing works. We will try to cover as many topics as possible here!

Content Creation

Until we can launch courses and services of our own, there will be plenty of FREE content on the YouTube channel! Most of the content will be posted to both, but if you prefer videos then throw us a subscription.


What are people saying about us?

“Doyler has written over 7 blog posts about security.”

"I asked Ray how to play CTFs. He told me I have to get flags.”

“Doyler has amassed over three years of experience in the InfoSec industry.”

“Doyler taught me everything I know about DNS and now I have almost 10,000 followers on social media.”
“Doyler can be bribed to speak at your conference with peanut butter m&ms”

“Pretty sure you too came to read
Doylersec’s blog about a certification”

“I once asked Ray Doyle a security question and he answered it correctly.”

“Doyler has mathematically proven, definitively, one does equal one on SQL server inputs.”
“Doyler has determined if at least 1 cisco router was vulnerable to a 10-year-old exploit.” - NordVPN Offer

PMKID Attack Using Hcxdumptool and Hashcat

eCPPT Exam - eLearnSecurity Professional Penetration Tester

XSS Password Stealing - Who needs cookies?!

WOMBO – Is the New Deepfake Lip Sync App SAFE and SECURE?

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Feel free to reach out to us with ideas, comments, job offers, free beer, guest posts, affiliate/ad offers, or the like!