Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Like many in my field, I’m a drinker with a hacking problem, or something like that…I frequently work somewhere in the Software Engineer/QA Spectrum of Computer Science, though my background and interest has always been in the many flavors of Information Security.

When I’m not coding, hacking, or having nightmares about one/both I enjoy sports (hence the intersection of those two here), beer (of course), travel (currently on a contract in Europe), finding funny pictures on the internet (who doesn’t), and spending time with my lovely girlfriend (who will love this shout-out and who also took the picture of the Portland Head lighthouse in Maine that you can see in my header).

For now I just have links to my security blog (Security Not Included) and my sabermetrics blog (Stealing First), but I’d like to add some more pages as well as links to a portfolio/tools/etc.

Feel free to reach out to me with ideas, comments, job offers, free beer, or the like via the comments section(s).

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