The Padres’ current offensive woes

So, after reading an article on Lancaster Online, I was wondering if the Padres were really on track to be one of the worst offensive teams since 1910 (the article mentions 1914, but I decide to round it down just to check). With their current batting average of .214, let’s see how they stack up.

Hello World!

So, I decided to add an additional blog regarding my thoughts on baseball, sabermetrics, and possibly additional sports/fields. The blog takes its name from a play that doesn’t (shouldn’t – Segura thrown out trying to re-steal second base) exist, as well as the idea of using all information available to gain the slightest edge (even …

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eCPPT Status

Well, it has been almost a year since my last update, so I have obviously made some progress on my eCPPT course/exam. As of March 7th, I received my certification, and am officially an eCPPT! Officially it took me 284 days (including 3x $100 30-day extensions) from start to finish, so it was definitely an …

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eCPPT Day 1

The thing that convinced me to finally start a blog was beginning on my certification journey. While there have been tests or programs in the past I thought about blogging about, there was nothing terribly interesting or lengthy enough to convince me to finally start one.