Month: December 2015

OSCP Week 14

Well, as this was my lead-up week to my exam and I was already out of lab time, I have nothing new to report. I didn’t work on any side projects either, so it was just time to mentally and physically prepare for the exam.

OSCP Week 13

While I had 6 days of lab access remaining after my vacation, I decided to forego finishing up the last 6 machines after having some issues with routing/pivoting into the admin network. This is something that I will definitely need to practice a bit further in the future.


Another week down, and another week in the UK. Still didn’t touch the labs, PDFs, or videos this week, but I’m feeling confident enough and could definitely use the time away. Next week I might be able to finish up the last 6 machines, as I will have 6 days remaining of lab time.