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Migrated to DigitalOcean!

After some prodding from my co-workers, and constant harassment about my site’s “security”, I decided to move to the DigitalOcean cloud.

This will not only save me a few dollars a month (currently using the $10/month droplet, but may downsize), but will also give me full control over the hosting of my site.

DigitalOcean - Pricing

Additionally, I will be able to secure my site as I see fit, instead of getting a monthly e-mail that my setuid.c file is malicious.

So far, DigitalOcean is a pretty simple and intuitive cloud provider, with some fun graphs to boot.

DigitalOcean - Graphs

It was fairly simple to move my WordPress site over, and it only took a few steps:

  1. Setup my DigitalOcean one-click WordPress deploy (may migrate to a manual $5/mo install, but this was easier for now0
  2. Backup my wp-content and other important files from my original host
  3. Backup my wordpress DB
  4. Go through the WordPress “install” on the new site
  5. Overwrite the existing wp-content folder with my backup
  6. Wipe the wordpress database and restore my backup
  7. Replace any other important files (favicon, webmaster tools, etc.)
  8. Fix file ownership and permissions
  9. Update DNS information

I think that I migrated everything just fine, but please let me know if you see any weird hiccups or quirks.

Also, if anyone else is thinking about signing up for DigitalOcean as a cheaper cloud provider, then please use my referral link ( This will give you $10 in credit just for signing up (already 1-2 months of hosting), and give me $25 in credit as well!

I will be sure to update if I do anything interesting or fun now that I’m hosting everything myself, but I’m definitely looking forward to using DigitalOcean.

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