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Configuring a Raspberry Pi Kali hacking station

As everything has settled down after my DefCon trip, it was time to set up my Raspberry Pi Kali kit.

Raspberry Pi Kali

First off, I downloaded the DC24 Kali ARM image from Howard’s blog post.

After I unzipped the image, I downloaded DDUtil so that I could easily copy it over using my Mac.

Raspberry Pi Kali - DDUtil

Once I had the image on my SDCard, I plugged everything in and prepared to boot up. Note that I had to again use the 32GB from the class, as the image was slightly too big for the included 16GB cards.

Raspberry Pi Kali - Gear setup

The Pi was all setup (unfortunately on my floor for now), and everything connected (including the SDR).

Raspberry Pi Kali - Pi

I even hooked up the Alfa AWUS036NEH that was in our kit to make sure that wireless worked out of the box.

Raspberry Pi Kali - Alfa

Once I plugged in the Pi, it started to boot up, which was a great sign.

Raspberry Pi Kali - Booting

After a few seconds, the familiar Kali login prompt was there to greet me.

Raspberry Pi Kali - Login

A few seconds (or minutes, this isn’t the fastest machine around) later, I got to the Gnome desktop. For those of you who didn’t attend the class, check out that snazzy Bluetooth keyboard.

Raspberry Pi Kali - Booted

Raspberry Pi Kali - Terminal

Finally, to verify that the wireless card worked out of the box, I loaded up Sean (0hm)’s Twitter page.

Raspberry Pi Kali - Twitter

Raspberry Pi Kali – Conclusion

It was super easy to set this up, and it worked out of the box with everything included from the class.

This will give me a great chance to play with some portable wireless attack scenarios. Additionally, once I figure out how it works, I will have the SDR dongle to start sniffing those airwaves.


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