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HID Badge Cloning – Proxmark Fun

Now that everything was setup, it was time to try some HID badge cloning with the Proxmark.

While this won’t cover configuring the software, here are a few helpful references:

After some tweaking and tutorials, I got the software running on my workstation.

HID Badge Cloning - Software


This is a badge of mine, and the proprietor of the establishment knew that I was attempting to clone the badge. Do not use this guide to attempt to break into anywhere that you are not authorized access.


First things first, I needed to read the badge that I wanted to clone.

Looking at the back of the badge, I could tell that it was an HID badge. After a little research, I found that it was quite simple to read the TAG ID using the LF antenna.

HID Badge Cloning - HID

HID Badge Cloning - Reading

proxmark3> lf hid fskdemod
proxmark3> #db# TAG ID: 2baxxxxxxx (2059)

Once I had the Tag ID, it was time to clone it to my blank badge. Note that I’ve blanked out the last 7 digits of this badge, just to prevent attempts to reuse this specific case.

I was able to use the T5577 blank that came with my kit as an appropriate clone.

HID Badge Cloning - Blank

With my blank selected, I wrote the original’s TAG ID to my new badge.

HID Badge Cloning - Cloning

proxmark3> lf hid clone 2baxxxxxxx
Cloning tag with ID 2baxxxxxxx          
proxmark3> #db# DONE!   

To verify that the clone worked, I read the Tag ID of the new badge as well.

proxmark3> lf hid fskdemod
proxmark3> #db# TAG ID: 2baxxxxxxx (2059)

Once I cloned my badge, I had to test it out!

I took this to a location that I knew my original badge worked, and I tested out the “blank”.

HID Badge Cloning - Reader 1

HID Badge Cloning - Reader 2

HID Badge Cloning - Access Granted

The badge worked in both locations, and I was ecstatic!

This was a surprisingly simple experiment, and I’m looking forward to more fun with RFID and the Proxmark.

If anyone has any suggestions for increasing the reading/writing range, then I may look into that for a future project as well.

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