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Proxmark Assembly – No tools, no problem

While it has taken a little, I am finally getting around to the Proxmark assembly.

We (Eversec) won the Proxmark3 RDV2 kit as a prize for our 2nd place finish in the DerbyCon CTF.

It was fairly easy to assemble, and came with the only tool required (a tiny Allen wrench) to put it together.

To start, I laid out all the parts and pieces to see what I was working with.

Proxmark Assembly - Parts

The first step was to attach the six risers to the board.

Proxmark3 Assembly - Risers

Next, I was able to attach the snazzy looking top cover.

Proxmark Assembly - Cover

With the top cover in place, I then attached the crazy bottom cover to the other end of the risers.

Proxmark Assembly - Bottom Cover

The next step was to attach the HF and LF antennas. These can attach in different ways to the top screws, but I went with a more even layout.

Proxmark Assembly - Antennas

Looking at this from the top, you can really see how small it is.

Proxmark Assembly - Top View

Once I attached the antennas, it was time to plug them in.

Proxmark Assembly - Connected Antennas

Finally, I had completed my Proxmark assembly! While not the most exciting assembly, I’m looking forward to playing with my new toy.

Proxmark Assembly - Complete

Though I have not had the chance to play with this yet, my first projects will be attempting to clone RFID badges. Other than that, let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for it!

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