Pineapple Nano Setup, Installation, and Configuration

I decided to spend some of my holiday vacation playing with my Pineapple Nano setup, un-boxing, and initial configuration.

This was the WiFi Pineapple that I won at BSides Raleigh 2016, so I finally playing with it was exciting.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Box


Once I got it out of the box, it was a pretty neat looking device.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Nano

Next, I attached both included antennas to the device.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Antennas

With everything plugged in, I connected the Nano to my laptop.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Connected

I wasn't actually able to get enough power from the single USB connector, so I had to plug the device in directly.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Direct Connect


Once the device was properly connected, Windows detected it.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Detected

The first thing I did was update the firmware.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Firmware Upgrade

Once that was complete, I was able to reach the device.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Access

First, I shared my internet connection with anyone connecting through the Pineapple.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Internet Sharing

After that was ready, I went to the device's UI and verified that it was running.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Uptime

I also modified my PineAP settings, so that it would allow and log associations.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Pine AP

As a final test of the device, I ran a quick Occupineapple.

This test would run through all the possible APs in its dictionary, and send out a beacon as that SSID. It will not respond to requests or allow connections, but it was a good test of the device and its functionality.

Pineapple Nano Setup - Occupineapple

To verify, I checked my Android device and saw the SSIDs being broadcast!

Pineapple Nano Setup - SSIDs

Future Uses

Next I'd like to blog about some Evil Twin and/or Karma attacks, so stay tuned!

Additionally, I may have an even higher powered option in the works.

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    hi there when setting up after resetting can it be takin over via nearby gamers?

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