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Using Royal TSX to Easily RDP from macOS

I’ve been using Royal TSX to RDP from my MacBooks, and I’m quickly becoming a fan of it.

Royal TSX – Introduction

Royal TSX is a free remote management solution that allows for multiple different connection types and protocols on MULTIPLE platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android).

Download and Installation

You can download the “Royal TSX for macOS” dmg from the download page, and it is a standard DMG file.

The application follows a normal installation process, and just requires dragging the app into the “Application” folder.

Royal TSX - Installation

RDP Plugin

With the application installed, it is time to add the RDP plugin.

This is the main window of the application once you open it.

Royal TSX - Main Application

First, go to the “Plugins” option in the main menu.

Royal TSX - Plugins

Next, click install for the “Remote Desktop” plugin.

Royal TSX - Remote Desktop

Finally, restart the application to complete the plugin installation.

Royal TSX - Application Restart

Royal TSX – Document Creation

With the plugin installed, create a new document by going to File -> New Document. This is the weird functionality about Royal TSX in my opinion. That said, once you are familiar, it can be a handy way to prepare different connection types and save them for later use.

Royal TSX - New Document

After creating a new document, right click on it, and go to Add -> Remote Desktop.

Royal TSX - Add RDP

After adding RDP, a new connection window appears, which allows you to name the connection, set the IP address, or configure any of the other settings.

Royal TSX - New Connection


Once you’ve added RDP to the document, you can right click on it, and go to Connect to begin the RDP connection.

Royal TSX - Connect

As you can see, the connection was successful, and you’re able to easily RDP from macOS!

Royal TSX - Success

Royal TSX – Conclusion

My only real complaint with Royal TSK so far is that I have been unable to RDP to a system before providing my credentials. This is something that I like doing from time to time to obtain domain or user management where possible.

Other than that, let me know if you use a different RDP client on macOS, or if you have any neat tips.


  1. Bonjour j’ai un souci avec logiciel il me demande la licence s’il vous plaît les utilisateurs de macOS ont toujours besoin de la la licence

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